Currently living in Chicago, Illinois, Ally Fouts is a mixed media artist exploring notions of composition with materials including melamine board, fishing line, video, found objects, and photographs. There is a specific visual sense infiltrated throughout her range of media that reveals an emphasis on form and structure, both seen and implied. Ally works to explore the conversations that occur across media with a special emphasis on sculpture and photography. Her work explores the idea of creating sculptures that only exist when photographically processed. Using investigative darkroom techniques, Ally employs photograms and superimposed image-making, using particle board, nails, and fishing line sculptures as the instrumentation. These sculptures, made of traditional tradesmen media, challenge the material that usually constructs a respected sculpture. Also challenging the line thatseparates sculpture and carpentry, Ally relies on the material she grew up surrounded by in her father's garage as the primary media used in the sculptures. The resulting images derived from these "instruments" highlight these materials and create a sophisticated and novel perspective of them.Ally also utilizes light and light sensitive materials to create and replicate images derived from her existing photographs or prints. She primarily works with the cyclical pattern of photographing, printing, and arranging images (repeating these three steps on the resulting image).

Also working as a designer, Ally integrates design theory into her art practice. These explorations involve the thread of design traveling from how information on a piece of paper is digested to how a building is soundly constructed. She enjoys employing, encouraging, and challenging basic design principles to achieve often surprising outcomes.

Ally is also a freelance Graphic Designer and is available for commissions/collaborations.